Upholstery Dublin Service

We provide lots of upholstery cleaning and restoration services around the county of Dublin. Making sure that your fabric furniture is in tip top shape and suitable for everyday use. Its essential to repair and clean furniture fabrics like leather and cushions regularly and thoroughly.

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Our professional Upholstery service

Having your Upholstery cleaned and maintained is one very important piece to having a great looking set of furniture in your home. This usually applies to furniture which has a fabric like material attached to it with strings or straps. At ChairsIreland we know how important furniture can be to home owners and the value that it has, especially if its antique.

With our upholstery Dublin service we will repair and restore your fabrics to a brand new state and make it look better than it did when you bought it. We operate all over Dublin and the surrounding areas to ensure everyone who needs our service can get it done quickly.  Our professional team of upholsterers have all got more than 10 years of working with home owners and taking great care of every detail.

We can work with any types of furniture and a wide variety of fabrics such as: Chairs, Stools, Dining chairs, Leather Chairs, Fabric sofas and much more.  If you would like to make sure of our professional and affordable service, then make sure to get in touch today.

Why choose our service?

Our team have been working with home-owners for over 10 years now. Over this time we gained a lot of experience and skills to get you the best possible results for a cheap price. We charge  by the time spent and the amount of repairs/cleaning needed to fix up your upholstery items so you don’t have to spend money for unnecessary things.

We can also re-upholster  any sort of fabric on furniture such as sofas, cushions, chairs, stools and much more.